The Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations 2008

  1. PART 1 Introductory

    1. 1.Citation and commencement

    2. 2.Application

    3. 3.Interpretation

  2. PART 2 Pre-application consultation

    1. 4.Pre-application consultation – classes of development

    2. 5.Content of pre-application screening notice

    3. 6.Content of proposal of application notice

    4. 7.Pre-application consultation

  3. PART 3 Procedure on applications for planning permission

    1. 8.Applications for planning permission

    2. 9.Form and content of an application for planning permission

    3. 10.Application for planning permission in principle

    4. 11.Further applications

    5. 12.Application for approval of matters specified in conditions

    6. 13.Design and access statements

    7. 14.Validation date

    8. 15.Notices to owners and agricultural tenants under section 35 of the Act

  4. PART 4 Procedure by planning authority

    1. 16.Registers of applications

    2. 17.Acknowledgment of applications

    3. 18.Notification by the planning authority

    4. 19.Notification of minerals applications

    5. 20.Publication of application by the planning authority

    6. 21.List of applications

    7. 22.Publication of list of applications

    8. 23.Provision of information to community councils and within public libraries

    9. 24.Further information

    10. 25.Consultation by the planning authority

    11. 26.Time periods for decision

    12. 27.Pre determination hearings

    13. 28.Decision notice

    14. 29.Schemes of delegation

  5. PART 5 Directions

    1. 30.Directions as to environmental impact assessment Regulations

    2. 31.Directions requiring information or restricting the grant of planning permission

    3. 32.Directions requiring consideration of condition

    4. 33.Provisions supplementary to regulations 30, 31 and 32

    5. 34.Notice of reference of applications to the Scottish Ministers

  6. PART 6 Marine fish farming

    1. 35.Application to marine fish farming

  7. PART 7 Cairngorms National Park

    1. 36.Cairngorms National Park

  8. PART 8 Notification and display

    1. 37.Notification of initiation of development

    2. 38.Display notices

  9. PART 9 Certificates of lawful use or development

    1. 39.Application for certificate of lawful use or development

    2. 40.Documentation accompanying applications

    3. 41.Procedure on receipt of application

    4. 42.Revocations of certificate of lawful use or development

  10. PART 10 General

    1. 43.Electronic communications

    2. 44.Service of notices

  11. PART 11 Transitional provisions, revocations and savings

    1. 45.Transitional provisions

    2. 46.Applications for approval of reserved matters made on or after 3rd August 2009

    3. 47.Revocations and savings

    1. SCHEDULE 1

      Notices under regulation 15

    2. SCHEDULE 2

      Registers under sections 36(1) to (4)

      1. 1.Register of applications for planning permission

      2. 2.Part I of the register is, in respect of every...

      3. 3.Part II of the register of applications for planning permission...

      4. 4.The information to be contained in the Report is–

      5. 5.Certificates of lawful use or development

      6. 6.Provisions applicable to registers generally

      7. 7.Where the register kept by a planning authority under this...

    3. SCHEDULE 3

      Classes of development – regulations 20(1)(c) and 38(1)(b)

    4. SCHEDULE 4

      Notice for publication in newspaper

    5. SCHEDULE 5

      Consultation by the planning authority

      1. 1.SEPA– (1) where the development is likely to result in...

      2. 2.Scottish Natural Heritage where– (1) the development may affect an...

      3. 3.The Health and Safety Executive where the development is within...

      4. 4.Scottish Natural Heritage, the Health and Safety Executive and SEPA...

      5. 5.The Scottish Ministers, in the case of–

      6. 6.The community council, if any, within whose area the development...

      7. 7.The Coal Authority where the development consists of–

      8. 8.Any adjoining planning authority, where the development is likely to...

      9. 9.Network Rail Infrastructure Limited or any other railway undertakers likely...

      10. 10.The roads authority concerned, where the development involves–

      11. 11.The Theatres Trust where the development involves any land on...

      12. 12.Scottish Water where the development is likely to require a...

      13. 13.A district salmon fishery board where the development consists of...

      14. 14.The Scottish Ministers and the Secretary of State where marine...

      15. Interpretation of Schedule 5

    6. SCHEDULE 6

      Notice to accompany refusal etc.

      1. Form 1

      2. Form 2

    7. SCHEDULE 7

      Form of notice to be displayed while development in progress

    8. SCHEDULE 8

      Certificate of lawful use or development