Article 3(b)


1.  In relation to each facility, net, and mooring a record of–

(a)the name of the manufacturer;

(b)any special adaptations;

(c)the name of the supplier;

(d)the date of purchase;

(e)each inspection including–

(i)the name of the person conducting the inspection;

(ii)the date of each inspection;

(iii)the place of each inspection; and

(iv)the outcome of each inspection, and

(f)the date and result of each repair, equipment test and antifouling treatment carried out.

2.  In relation to each net a record of–

(i)the mesh size;

(ii)the code which appears on the identification tag;

(iii)the place of use, storage and disposal; and

(iv)the depth of water between the bottom of the net and the seabed as measured at the mean low water spring.

3.  In relation to each facility a record of–

(i)the date of construction;

(ii)the materials used in construction; and

(iii)its dimensions.

4.  In relation to each mooring a record of–

(i)the date of installation;

(ii)the design and weight of the anchors; and

(iii)the length of the mooring ropes or chains.

5.  A record of any navigation markers deployed.

6.  In relation to any boat operations a record of–

(a)all training and qualifications of each person working there in the use of each boat;

(b)the type and size of each boat used for operations on the site; and

(c)the type and size of any propeller guard fitted to each boat used for operations on the site.

7.  In relation to any transfer of, or handling of, fish a record of–

(a)all training of each person working there in relation to containment and prevention of escape of fish, and recovery of escaped fish; and

(b)any assessment of the escape of fish carried out.

8.  A record of any anti-predator measures undertaken including–

(a)the type and location of each net, fence and scarer deployed;

(b)the use of lethal means by any person involved in operations on the site; and

(c)any assessment of risk of escape of fish carried out.

9.  A record of any contingency plan for preventing escapes of fish from fish farms and recovering any fish which have escaped prepared by a person carrying on the business of fish farming.

10.  In respect of sites at which fish are farmed in inland waters, being waters which do not form part of the sea or of any creek, bay or estuary or of any river as far as the tide flows–

(a)the type, method of and date of construction of any flood prevention or flood defence measures in place;

(b)the date of and results of any tests conducted on any such measures;

(c)the date of any incident where the site was flooded; and

(d)the water course height during any such flood incident.

11.  A record of–

(a)the date of any severe weather event which caused damage to any facility, net or mooring; and

(b)any action taken to rectify any such damage.