26.—(1) The Scottish Ministers shall determine the entitlement of special constables to any allowance.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of paragraph (1), in making a determination under that paragraph, the Scottish Ministers shall determine–

(a)the total amount of periods of duty which a special constable must serve within a given period, in order to receive a periodic payment allowance;

(b)the amount of a periodic payment allowance; and

(c)any conditions which may be placed on the payment of a periodic payment allowance.

(3) With exception to paragraph (2), in making a determination under this regulation, the Scottish Ministers may confer such functions on a chief constable as they think fit in relation to–

(a)the calculation of any allowance; and

(b)any conditions which may be placed on the payment of an allowance which is specified in the determination.

(4) A special constable must not be paid an allowance except as provided by or under these Regulations or approved by the Scottish Ministers and the amounts and conditions of payment of such allowances must be as so provided or approved.

(5) Nothing in this regulation shall apply to the reimbursement of expenses incurred by a special constable in the execution of that special constable’s duty which have been authorised either generally or specifically by the chief constable where no allowance is payable under these Regulations and no determination has been made under regulation 27.

(6) In this regulation, “periodic payment allowance” means an allowance as specified in section 3(4) of the 1967 Act(1).