Amendment of the Education Authority Bursaries (Scotland) Regulations 2007

6.—(1) The Education Authority Bursaries (Scotland) Regulations 2007(1) are amended as follows.

(2) In regulation 2(1) (interpretation), insert in the appropriate place–

“Turkish worker” means a Turkish national who–


is ordinarily resident in Scotland; and


is, or has been, lawfully employed in the United Kingdom.

(3) In Schedule 1 (persons eligible for bursaries)–

(a)in paragraph 4, after sub-paragraph (2), insert–

(3) Sub-paragraph (1)(a) does not apply where the person applying for support is a person falling within sub-paragraph (2)(a)(ii).; and

(b)after paragraph 11 insert–

12.  A person who–

(a)is the child of a Turkish worker;

(b)is ordinarily resident in Scotland on the first day of the first academic year of the course; and

(c)has been ordinarily resident in the territory comprising the European Economic Area, Switzerland and Turkey throughout the period of 3 years preceding the first day of the first academic year of the course..

(4) In paragraph 2(1) of Schedule 2 (ordinary residence)–

(a)for “9(b) and 10(b)” substitute “9(b), 10(b) and 12(c)”; and

(b)after “EU overseas territories” insert “or Turkey”.