PART 2Natural mineral water

Sale of natural mineral water

9.—(1) No person shall sell any water bottled in a bottle the marking or labelling of which uses the name “natural mineral water” in or as the name of the water unless that water is natural mineral water.

(2) No person shall sell any bottled natural mineral water–

(a)which contains–

(i)Parasites or pathogenic micro-organisms,

(ii)Escherichia coli or other coliforms and faecal streptococci in any 250ml sample examined,

(iii)Sporulated sulphite-reducing anaerobes in any 50ml sample examined, or

(iv)Pseudomonas aeruginosa in any 250ml sample examined;

(b)where the total colony count of that water at the source from which that water was taken does not comply with paragraph 7 of Schedule 4;

(c)where the revivable total colony count of that water is in excess of that which would result from the normal increase in the bacteria content which it had at source; and

(d)where that water contains any organoleptic defect.

(3) No person shall sell any bottled natural mineral water–

(a)which has been extracted from a spring which is exploited in contravention of regulation 5;

(b)has been subjected to any treatment or addition in contravention of regulation 6; or

(c)is marked or labelled in contravention of regulation 8.

(4) No person shall sell any natural mineral water from one and the same spring under more than one trade description.