Article 3


Part 1

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Provision of RegulationSubject Matter

1.  Article 3.1

The prohibition on the removal of or retention of shark fins on board vessels, and the transhipment or landing of shark fins.

2.  Article 4.3

Prohibition on the discarding at sea of the remaining parts of sharks (except those parts resulting from basic processing operations) where the shark finning has taken place in accordance with a special fishing permit as specified in Article 4.1.

3.  Article 4.5

Prohibition on the retention on board of fins the weight of which exceeds 5% of the live weight of the shark catch.

4.  Article 5.1

Requirement on masters holding special fishing permits to keep records of the weight of shark fins and the remaining parts of sharks retained on board, transhipped or landed; requirement to keep log book records with valid landing, transhipment and sales documentation where the shark catch is not landed as a whole.

5.  Article 5.2

Requirement on those intending to land shark fins or remaining parts of sharks outside Community ports that they notify relevant details to the authorities of the flag State and the competent authorities of the State whose ports or landing facilities they want to use at least 72 hours before the estimated time of arrival at the port of landing.

Part 2

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Provision of RegulationSubject Matter

1.  Article 3.2

Prohibition on the purchase, offer for sale or sale of shark fins which have been removed on board, transhipped or landed in contravention of the Regulation.