Amendment of the Cereal Seed (Scotland) Regulations 2005

10.  In Schedule 6–

(a)in Part II (labels), after paragraph 6 (official label for a package of a mixture of seeds to which regulation 8 applies) insert–

Official label for a package of test and trial seed

6A.  The official label for a package of test and trial seed shall–

(a)subject to sub-paragraph (b), contain the following information–

(i)the words “test and trial seed”;

(ii)certification authority and EEA State or their distinguishing abbreviation;

(iii)reference number of the seed lot;

(iv)month and year of sealing expressed by the word “Sealed” followed by the month and year of sealing;


(vi)variety under which the seed is to be marketed;

(vii)the official application number in relation to the application for listing under regulation 4(1)(a) (applications in relation to National Lists) of the Seeds (National List of Varieties) Regulations 2001(1);

(viii)the words “variety not yet officially listed”;

(ix)the words “for tests and trials only”;

(x)the words “genetically modified variety”, where applicable;

(xi)declared net or gross weight or declared number of pure seeds; and

(xii)where weight is indicated and granulated pesticides, pelleting substances or other solid additives are used, the nature of the additive and also the approximate ratio between the weight of pure seeds or, where applicable, clusters and the total weight;

(b)not contain the information referred to in sub-paragraph (a)(ix) if that information is given on an official sticker attached to the official label;

(c)be a minimum size of 110 millimetres by 67 millimetres; and

(d)be coloured orange.; and

(b)in Part VI (printing of specified matters on packages)–

(i)in paragraph 12 (packages sealed in Scotland – printers' returns) for “21(5)” substitute “22(6)”; and

(ii)for paragraph 16 (seed packages sealed in the United Kingdom but not in Scotland, or in an EEA State other than the United Kingdom), substitute–

16.  Such requirements of the EEA State (if the seed was sealed in that EEA State) or the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (if the seed was sealed in Northern Ireland), the National Assembly for Wales (if the seed was sealed in Wales) or the Secretary of State (if the seed was sealed in England) as correspond to the requirements specified in paragraphs 12 to 15 of this Part of this Schedule for seed which has been sealed in Scotland shall be satisfied..


S.I. 2001/3510.