PART 4Public information and participation

Information on breach of air quality standards

25.—(1) The Scottish Ministers shall provide the information required by paragraphs (2) to (5) in respect of each of the pollutants to which those paragraphs relate.

(2) For Group A pollutants, the Scottish Ministers shall indicate the extent to which the following have been exceeded:–

(a)any limit value, over the relevant averaging period set out in Part 1 of Schedule 1; or

(b)the alert thresholds for nitrogen dioxide or sulphur dioxide,

and provide a short assessment of these occurrences and their effects on health.

(3) For Group B pollutants, the Scottish Ministers shall–

(a)indicate any occasion during which any target value has been exceeded; and

(b)in relation to each occurrence, provide at least the following information–

(i)the areas within each zone in which the target value was exceeded;

(ii)the reasons for the occurrence and the predominant sources of emissions identified in accordance with regulation 9(2)(a);

(iii)a short assessment of the effect of the occurrence on overall compliance with the target value in the zone concerned;

(iv)details of the measures being directed at any identified sources of emissions in accordance with regulation 9(2)(b); and

(v)the prospects for attainment of the target value in the zone affected.

(4) For ozone, the Scottish Ministers shall–

(a)indicate any occasion during which concentrations have exceeded–

(i)the long-term objectives for the protection of human health;

(ii)the information threshold; or

(iii)the alert threshold; and

(b)provide a short assessment of each occurrence, including its extent and its effects on health.

(5) The Scottish Ministers shall update the information referred to in paragraphs (2) and (4) in accordance with the timescales specified for the pollutants in question by regulation 23(2) and (3).