Notice of hearing

8.—(1) The Panel must, with due regard to the convenience of the parties, fix the date, time and place of the hearing of the appeal and, where appropriate, set a timetable for the hearing.

(2) The Secretary shall, not less than 14 days before the date fixed by the Panel, send to both parties a notice of hearing.

(3) The notice of hearing must state–

(a)the date, time and place of the hearing;

(b)the members of the Panel; and

(c)the manner and order of proceeding, having regard to any applicable burden and standard of proof and rules of evidence.

(4) The notice of hearing should, where appropriate–

(a)provide information and guidance as to attendance at the hearing of the parties and witnesses, the bringing of documents, the right of representation or assistance by another person and the procedure applicable to the hearing, having regard to any applicable rules of evidence and burden and standard of proof;

(b)explain the right of the parties to receive reasons in writing for a decision of the Panel;

(c)explain the possible advantages of attendance, consequences of non-attendance, and the right of the appellant and of OSCR, if not present and not represented, to make representations in writing; and

(d)specify the date by which the appellant and OSCR must inform the Panel whether or not they intend to be present or represented at the hearing, and that date must not be later than 7 days before the hearing.

(5) The notice must include a request to inform the Panel of any special needs which any party may have which are relevant to the attendance of that party at the hearing.