Articles 2(1) and (4), 9(1) and 10(2)


Column 1Column 2Column 3
Provision of the Council RegulationSubject matterMaximum fine on summary conviction

1.  Article 8.1

Prohibitions on retaining on board or landing catches from stocks for which total allowable catches or quotas are fixed and have been exhausted.£50,000

2.  Article 8.2

Circumstances required for fish to be retained on board and landed where Member State has no quota or quota is exhausted.The Statutory maximum

3.  Article 8.5

Prohibition on landing catches which are unsorted and contain herring when catch limitations of a Member State are exhausted in ICES Sub-areas II (EC waters), IV and Subdivisions III(a) and VIId.£50,000

4.  Article 10

Prohibition of fishing by Community vessels in certain Norwegian waters.£50,000

5.  Articles 11 and 12 as read with–

(a)paragraph 2 of Annex III

Prohibition on the landing or retention on board of herring caught in Area IIa (EC waters).The statutory maximum

(b)paragraph 3 of Annex III and Appendix 1 to that Annex

Requirements as to mesh sizes in the Skagerrak and Kattegat.The statutory maximum

(c)Paragraph 4.1 of Annex III, as read with paragraphs 4.3 and 4.4 of that Annex

Prohibition on fishing activity in certain waters off the West of Scotland until 31st December 2006.£50,000

(d)paragraph 5 of Annex III

Prohibition on landing or retaining on board sandeels caught in certain waters.£50,000

(e)paragraph 6 of Annex III

Prohibition on fishing (except with longlines) in the Rockall Haddock Box.£50,000

(f)paragraph 8.3 of Annex III

Prohibition on the use of gillnets, entangling nets and trammel nets in certain waters where the charted depth is greater than 200 metres.£50,000

(g)paragraph 11 of Annex III

Prohibition on bottom trawling and fishing with static gear in certain waters.£50,000

(h)paragraph 12 of Annex III

Prohibitions relating to octopus (octopus vulgaris) weighing under 450 grammes (gutted) caught in certain waters.The statutory maximum