The Transport (Scotland) Act 2005 (Commencement No. 1) Order 2005

Citation and interpretation

1.—(1) This Order may be cited as the Transport (Scotland) Act 2005 (Commencement No. 1) Order 2005.

(2) In this Order “the Act” means the Transport (Scotland) Act 2005.

Appointed days

2.  The provisions of the Act specified in column 1 of any of the Schedules to this Order (the subject matter of which is described in column 2 of that Schedule) shall come into force on the day appointed in relation to that Schedule in the Table below.


ScheduleAppointed day
114th September 2005
210th October 2005
33rd April 2006


A member of the Scottish Executive

St Andrew’s House, Edinburgh

13th September 2005