Packages sealed in Scotland – printers' returns

11.  Arrangements shall be made with the printers for returns to be made to the Scottish Ministers of the number of packages printed or stamped pursuant to regulations 17(10) and 21(5) and of the individual serial numbers of such packages.

Packages sealed in Scotland – individual serial numbers

12.  Each package shall have printed or stamped on it, or be perforated with, an individual serial number allocated by the Scottish Ministers, which shall appear in the same panel as the particulars of the matters specified in Part II of this Schedule.

Packages sealed in Scotland – printing or stamping

13.  The printing or stamping of the packages shall be by, and in accordance with the instructions, of the Scottish Ministers or by a licensed seed sampler.

Packages sealed in Scotland – particulars to be included in the printing or stamp

14.  The reference number of the seed lot and the month and year in which the package was officially sealed shall be printed or stamped by the Scottish Ministers or a licensed seed sampler at the time of sampling for official examination.

Packages sealed in Scotland – lower germination seed

15.  Each package of seed marketed in accordance with regulation 17(10) shall be capable of having affixed to it, in a manner approved by the Scottish Ministers, a label containing a statement pursuant to regulation 17(6).

Packages sealed in Scotland – record keeping for lower germination seed

16.  There shall be kept such records of seed packaged and marketed pursuant to regulation 17(10) as may be required by the Scottish Ministers.

Seed packages sealed in the United Kingdom but not in Scotland, or in an EEA State other than the United Kingdom

17.—(a) Such requirements of the EEA State (if the seed was sealed in that EEA State) or the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (if the seed was sealed in Northern Ireland), the National Assembly for Wales (if the seed was sealed in Wales) or the Secretary of State (if the seed was sealed in England) as correspond to the requirements specified in paragraphs 11 to 16 of this Part of this Schedule for seed which has been sealed in Scotland shall be satisfied; and

(b)the Scottish Ministers shall be satisfied that the requirements specified in sub paragraph (a) have been met.