Conditions of education maintenance allowance

5.—(1) Every education maintenance allowance shall be held subject to the following conditions–

(a)the holder of the educational maintenance allowance shall attend in accordance with any requirements specified by the educational establishment for the course of education in respect of which the education maintenance allowance is awarded;

(b)the Scottish Ministers shall be satisfied as to the conduct and progress of that holder; and

(c)that holder shall provide the Scottish Ministers with such information and such documents as they may from time to time require to enable them to exercise their functions under these Regulations.

(2) If the conditions specified in paragraph (1) are not complied with or if the holder receives from any other source any sum which, in the opinion of the Scottish Ministers, makes it unnecessary for the holder to be assisted by means of an education maintenance allowance, the Scottish Ministers may suspend payment of the education maintenance allowance or terminate the education maintenance allowance.

(3) It shall be a condition of payment of an education maintenance allowance that the applicant gives a written undertaking to pay to the Scottish Ministers any amount of which they may request repayment in the circumstances specified in paragraph (4).

(4) Where the Scottish Ministers are satisfied that there has been an overpayment of education maintenance allowance for any reason and request repayment of the overpayment or so much thereof as they think fit, the holder of the education maintenance allowance shall be obliged to pay to the Scottish Ministers the amount requested.