Health body status

58.—(1) A contractor (other than one falling within paragraph (2)) which was on 31st March 2004 a health service body pursuant to the National Health Service (Pilot Schemes – Health Service Bodies) Regulations 1997(1) (“the 1997 Regulations”) shall be regarded as such a body after that date and regulation 8 of the Section 17C Services Agreements Regulations shall apply as if health service body status had been conferred on that contractor under that regulation.

(2) A provider falls within this paragraph if it was a health service body only for the purpose of regulation 3(4) of the 1997 Regulations (being a party to an existing NHS contract).

(3) A provider falling within paragraph (2) shall continue to be a health service body for the purpose of being a party to an NHS contract entered into on a date before that on which it ceased to be a pilot scheme health service body until the determination of that NHS contract.

(4) Paragraph (3) shall also apply to a provider of personal medical services under a pilot scheme whose agreement terminated before 1st April 2004.