Regulation 2(1)


Column 1Column 2
Reserved descriptionSpecified honey product



The description “honey” may be used in place of the reserved description for the specified honey products listed as items 1a, 1b, 2, 5 and 6 of column 2 of this Schedule.


Where the specified honey product specified in column 2 of item 9 is used as an ingredient in a compound foodstuff, the description “honey” may be used in the name of that compound foodstuff.


Except in the case of products specified in column 2 of items 8 and 9, a specified honey product may additionally be described by–


its floral or vegetable origin, if the product comes wholly or mainly from the indicated source and possesses the organoleptic, physicochemical and microscopic characteristics of the source;


its regional, territorial or topographical origin, if the product comes entirely from the indicated source;


its specific quality criteria.

1a.  blossom honey or }

1b.  nectar honey }

honey obtained from the nectar of plants

2.  honeydew honey

honey obtained mainly from excretions of plant sucking insects (Hemiptera) on the living part of plants or secretions of living parts of plants

3.  comb honey

honey stored by bees in the cells of freshly built broodless combs or thin comb foundation sheets made solely of beeswax and sold in sealed whole combs or sections of such combs

4a.  chunk honey or }

4b.  cut comb in honey }

honey which contains one or more pieces of comb honey

5.  drained honey

honey obtained by draining de–capped broodless combs

6.  extracted honey

honey obtained by centrifuging de–capped broodless combs

7.  pressed honey

honey obtained by pressing broodless combs with or without the application of moderate heat not exceeding 45°C

8.  filtered honey

honey obtained by removing foreign inorganic or organic matters in such a way as to result in the significant removal of pollen

9.  baker’s honey

honey which–


is suitable for industrial uses or as an ingredient in other foodstuffs which are then processed; and




have a foreign taste or odour;


have begun to ferment or have fermented; or


have been overheated