PART IVMilk, heat-treated milk and milk-based products


1.  Council Directive 92/46/EEC laying down the health rules for the production and placing on the market of raw milk, heat treated milk and milk-based products (O.J. No. L 268, 14.9.92, p.1), as last amended by Council Directive 94/71/EC (O.J. No. L 368, 31.12.94, p.33).

2.  Commission Decision 95/343/EC providing for the specimens of the health certificate for the importation from third countries of heat-treated milk, milk-based products and raw milk for human consumption intended to be accepted at a collection centre, standardisation centre, treatment establishment or processing establishment (O.J. No. 200, 24.8.95, p.52) as last amended by Commission Decision 97/115/EC (O.J. No. L 42, 13.2.97, p.16).

3.  Commission Decision 95/342/EC on treatment of milk and milk-based products from third countries or parts of third countries where there is a risk of foot-and-mouth disease (O.J. No. L 200, 24.8.95, p.50).

B.Third countries from which milk, etc may be imported

Commission Decision 95/340/EC (O.J. No. L 200, 24.8.95, p.38) as last amended by Commission Decision 2001/743/EC (O.J. No. L 278, 23.10.2001, p.32).

C.Third country establishments from which milk, etc may be imported

1.  Commission Decision 95/408/EC (see part II, section C, No. 1 above).

2.  Commission Decision 97/252/EC (O.J. No. L 101, 18.4.97, p.46) as last amended by Commission Decision 2001/177/EC (O.J. No. L 68, 9.3.2001, p.1).