The Less Favoured Area Support Scheme (Scotland) Regulations 2002

Powers of authorised persons

13.—(1) An authorised person may, at all reasonable hours and on producing if so required a duly authenticated document showing the authority of that person, exercise the powers specified in this regulation for the purposes of–

(a)verification of accuracy of an application by carrying out administrative and periodic checks which a Member State is required to carry out under Article 47 of Commission Regulation 1750/1999; or

(b)ascertaining whether an offence under these Regulations has been or is being committed,

and in doing so may be accompanied by a person assigned to assist the authorised person, for those purposes.

(2) An authorised person may enter any land or premises (other than dwelling houses not being used in connection with these Regulations).

(3) An authorised person who has entered any land or premises by virtue of this regulation may–

(a)inspect and verify the total area of such land;

(b)inspect and count livestock on such land and require the applicant to arrange for the collection of animals, penning and securing;

(c)require production of and examine any records in whatever form, and take copies of those records;

(d)remove and retain any document or other record referred to in sub-paragraph (c) above which may be required for use as evidence in proceedings under these Regulations;

(e)inspect and verify that the applicant has complied with usual good farming practices.

(4) An authorised person may require, where any computer and any associated apparatus or material which is or has been used in connection with any such records mentioned in paragraph (3)(c), wherever situated, records which are kept by means of such computer or associated apparatus or material to be produced in a visible and legible form in which they may be taken away.