The Crab Claws (Prohibition of Landing) Revocation (Scotland) Order 2000

Scottish Statutory Instruments

2000 No. 81



The Crab Claws (Prohibition of Landing) Revocation (Scotland) Order 2000


16th March 2000

Laid before the Scottish Parliament

17th March 2000

Coming into force

31st March 2000

The Scottish Ministers, in exercise of the powers conferred on them by sections 6(1), 15(3) and 20(1) of the Sea Fish (Conservation) Act 1967(1) and of all other powers enabling them in that behalf, hereby make the following Order:


1967 c. 84; section 6 was modified in its effect by the Fisheries Act 1981 (c. 29), section 33(1) and Schedule 4, Part 1, paragraph 7; section 15(3) was substituted by the Sea Fisheries Act 1968 (c. 77), section 22(5) and Schedule 1, paragraph 38(3) and amended by the Fishery Limits Act 1976 (c. 86), Schedule 2, paragraph 16(1) and was further amended by the Scotland Act 1998 (Consequential Modifications) (No. 2) Order 1999 (S.I. 1999/1820) (the “1999 S.I.”), Schedule 2, paragraph 43; section 20 was amended by the 1999 S.I.; section 22(2) was amended by the Fisheries Act 1981, sections 19(2)(d) and 45 and by the 1999 S.I. See section 22(2) for definitions of “the Ministers” which are relevant to the exercise of the powers under which this Order is made. The functions of the Secretary of State were transferred to the Scottish Ministers by virtue of section 53 of the Scotland Act 1998 (c. 46).