Amendment of the Budget (Scotland) Act 2000

2.—(1) The Budget (Scotland) Act 2000 is amended as follows.

(2) In Schedule 1, in entry number 2 (Scottish Executive Development Department) in column 1, after “other sundry services in connection with the environment;” there is inserted “grants to voluntary organisations;”.

(3) In Part 2 of Schedule 2 (Scottish Executive Development Department), at the end of the table there is inserted–

6.  Recovery of grants from voluntary organisations

Expenditure on grants to voluntary organisations.

(4) In Part 7 of Schedule 2 (Scottish Executive (Administration)) at the end of the table there is inserted–

3.  Receipts from sequestration

Expenditure on the Accountant in Bankruptcy.

(5) In Schedule 3, in entry number 4 (expenditure of Audit Scotland) in column 2, for “£1,700,000” there is substituted “£3,485,000”.