General powers and duties in respect of harbour

5.—(1) The Authority may take such steps from time to time as they consider necessary or expedient for the improvement, maintenance and management of the harbour and the accommodation and facilities afforded therein or in connection therewith.

(2) For those purposes, and without prejudice to the generality of paragraph (1) above, the Authority may–

(a)improve, maintain, regulate, manage, mark and light the harbour and provide harbour facilities therein;

(b)subject to obtaining the necessary rights in or over land, construct, alter, demolish and reconstruct structures and works in the harbour;

(c)acquire any undertaking or part of an undertaking;

(d)subscribe for or acquire shares or securities of any body corporate;

(e)lend money to any person for the purposes of any undertaking carried on by him or, where that person is a body corporate, any undertaking carried on by a subsidiary of that body corporate;

(f)maintain such reserve funds as it thinks fit;

(g)invest any sums not immediately required for the purposes of the harbour undertaking;

(h)turn its resources to account so far as not required for those purposes; and

(i)do all other things which in its opinion are necessary or expedient to facilitate the proper carrying on or development of the harbour undertaking.

(3) This article is without prejudice to any powers of the Authority under or by virtue of any other enactment (including any other provision of this Order).