Rounding of figures

3.  For the purposes of sections 3(6B)(1), 5(7B) and 13(2) (automatic enrolment, automatic re-enrolment and qualifying earnings), in the case of a pay reference period of a length described in the first row of the Table, the rounded figure in respect of the provision mentioned in the first column of the Table is that which appears below the pay reference period which corresponds to that provision.


Provision1 week2 weeks4 weeks1 month3 months6 months
Sections 3(6B) and 5(7B)£192£384£768£833£2,499£4,998
Section 13(2) (referring to section 13(1)(a))£116£232£464£503£1,508£3,016
Section 13(2) (referring to section 13(1)(b))£892£1,783£3,566£3,863£11,588£23,175

Sections 3(6B) and 5(7B) were inserted by section 6(2) and (4) of the Pensions Act (Northern Ireland) 2012