PART 2River basin districts and water bodies

Economic analysis of water use in river basin district and international river basin districts

7.—(1) The Department must maintain and periodically review and (if necessary) update, in accordance with Annex III to the Directive (economic analysis), an economic analysis of water use in the river basin district and the part of each international river basin district falling within Northern Ireland.

(2) A review and any update must be done—

(a)by 22nd December 2019; and

(b)subsequently, by 22nd December of the sixth year following that date and of each sixth year following that.

(3) The Department for Infrastructure must, in accordance with a timetable established by the Department

(a)provide the Department with so much of the information specified in paragraph (a) of Annex III to the Directive as relates to its functions;

(b)review and, if necessary, update that information; and

(c)provide any such updated information to the Department.