Provisions coming into force on 27th September 2017

3.—(1) The day appointed for the coming into force of the provisions of the 2015 Order referred to in paragraph (2) is 27th September 2017.

(2) The provisions referred to are—

(a)Article 50(2) and Article 50(1) in so far as it relates to Article 50(2) (claimant commitment for jobseeker’s allowance);

(b)Article 51 (interviews) for all remaining purposes;

(c)Article 52 (sanctions) for all remaining purposes;

(d)Article 61 (work experience);

(e)Article 109 (recovery of benefit payments) for all remaining purposes;

(f)Article 134 (rate relief schemes);

(g)paragraph 1 of Schedule 7 (jobseeker’s allowance in interim period: consequential amendments), in so far as it relates to the provisions specified in sub-paragraph (h);

(h)paragraphs 2, 3, 4, 6 to 9, 10(4) (and 10(1) in so far as it relates to 10(4)), 12 and 15(2)(c) (and 15(1) in so far as it relates to 15(2)(c)) of Schedule 7;

(i)paragraph 3 of Schedule 8 (social fund discretionary payments: consequential amendments) for all remaining purposes;

(j)Part 3 of Schedule 12 (repeals) save for the provisions in relation to Articles 2(2) and 22(4) and (6) of the 1995 Order; and

(k)in relation to Part 10 of Schedule 12, the repeals of—

(i)section 69(10A); and

(ii)subject to paragraph (3), section 69(11)(aa) and (ac).

(3) Despite paragraph (2)(k)(ii), the benefits referred to in section 69(11)(aa) and (ac) of the 1992 Act remain benefits to which section 69 of the 1992 Act applies to the extent that they relate respectively to an old style JSA award and an old style ESA award.