SCHEDULE 1Recognition of natural mineral water

PART 1Natural mineral water extracted from the ground in Northern Ireland

1.  A person seeking to have water which is extracted from the ground in Northern Ireland recognised as natural mineral water for the purposes of Article 1 of Directive 2009/54 must apply in writing to the district council within whose district the water is extracted, giving the following information—

(a)the particulars specified in paragraph 1 of Part 3;

(b)the information obtained as a result of the surveys and analyses required under paragraphs 1 and 2, as read with paragraph 4 of Part 3 are established; and

(c)evidence to show that the water contains no substance listed in Part 1 of Schedule 5 at a level which exceeds the maximum limit specified in relation to that substance in that Schedule.

2.  Where information on the anions, cations, non-ionised compounds and trace elements is required to be given pursuant to paragraph 1(b), the concentration of each such anion, cation, non-ionised compound and trace element specified in the first column of the tables in Part 4 of this Schedule must be expressed in the unit of measurement specified in the second column of the tables in Part 4.

3.  Where information required by paragraph 1 has been given, the district council must assess it and must recognise the water to which the information relates as natural mineral water if it is satisfied that—

(a)the water is natural mineral water which complies with paragraph 3 of Section 1 of Annex 1 to Directive 2009/54;

(b)the characteristics of the water have been assessed in accordance with—

(i)the points numbered 1 to 4 in paragraph 2(a) of Section I of Annex I to Directive 2009/54;

(ii)the particulars and criteria listed in Part 3; and

(iii)recognised scientific methods.

4.  The district council must, on recognising a natural mineral water in accordance with paragraph 3, publish an announcement of such recognition and the grounds on which it has been granted in the Belfast Gazette.