PART 4Scheme membership

CHAPTER 2Automatic Enrolment

Opting out after the initial period of eligible service

29.—(1) This regulation applies if—

(a)regulation 28 (opting out before the end of the initial period of eligible service) does not apply; and

(b)a person (P) opts out of this scheme in relation to eligible service —

(i)3 months or more after P’s first day of eligible service; or

(ii)one month or more after P’s automatic re-enrolment date.

(2) If P exercises the option under paragraph (1)(b), P ceases to be in pensionable service under this scheme—

(a)on the first day of the first pay period beginning on or after the date on which the option is exercised; or

(b)if the scheme manager considers that day inappropriate, on the first day of any later pay period the scheme manager considers appropriate.