PART 7Retirement benefits

CHAPTER 3Ill-health pension

Deferment of added pension attributable to recent payments

103.—(1) This regulation applies in relation to a member of this scheme—

(a)who is entitled to payment for life of an ill-health pension under this scheme; and

(b)whose active member’s account as at the end of the last day of pensionable service specifies an amount of accrued added pension that is attributable in whole or in part to a lump sum payment for added pension made under Schedule 3 within the 12 months before the relevant day.

(2) The member becomes a deferred member of this scheme in respect of that amount of accrued added pension and accordingly—

(a)a deferred member’s account must be established under Part 5 (pension accounts);

(b)that amount of accrued added pension must be specified in the deferred member’s account as the provisional amount of the relevant description of deferred added pension; and

(c)that amount of accrued added pension is not included in the calculation of the annual rate of retirement added pension payable with the lower tier ill-health pension.

(3) In paragraph (1), “the relevant day” means —

(a)the day on which the police pension first referred the questions under regulation 79 (referral of medical questions for purpose of Regulation 80) to the selected medical practitioner for a decision by virtue of which the member is entitled to payment of the ill-health pension; or

(b)if the member was on sick leave on that day and did not return to service from that leave, the day on which that leave began.