Additional costs arising from employing authority’s level of performance

76.—(1) This regulation applies where, in the opinion of the Committee, it has incurred additional costs which should be recovered from an employing authority because of that employing authority’s level of performance in carrying out its functions under these Regulations.

(2) The Committee may give written notice to the employing authority stating—

(a)the Committee’s reasons for forming the opinion mentioned in paragraph (1);

(b)the amount the Committee has determined the employing authority should pay under regulation 75(1)(d) (payment by employing authorities to the Committee, additional costs arising from employing authority’s level of performance) in respect of those costs and the basis on which the specified amount is calculated; and

(c)where the Committee has prepared a pension administration strategy under regulation 65 (pension administration strategy), the provisions of the strategy which are relevant to the decision to give the notice and to the matters in sub-paragraphs (a) or (b).