SCHEDULE 7Specification for fruit nectar

PART 1General specification for fruit nectar

1.  Fruit nectar is the fermentable but unfermented product that is obtained by adding water to a juice listed in paragraph 2 either with or without one or both of the substances listed in paragraph 3.

2.  The juices are—

(a)fruit juice;

(b)fruit juice from concentrate;

(c)concentrated fruit juice;

(d)water extracted fruit juice;

(e)dehydrated fruit juice;

(f)powdered fruit juice;

(g)fruit purée;

(h)concentrated fruit purée; and

(i)any mixture of the products mentioned in subparagraphs (a) to (h).

3.  The substances are—

(a)sugars; and


4.  The amount of sugars or honey, or sugars and honey, added to the product in accordance with paragraph 1 must not exceed 20% of the total weight of the finished product.

5.  The product must contain the minimum content of fruit juice, fruit purée, or a mixture of such juice and purée, specified in Part 2.

6.  Where the product is manufactured without added sugar or with reduced energy value, sugars may be replaced wholly or partially by sweeteners in accordance with the requirements of Regulation 1333/2008.

7.  As well as the ingredients mentioned in paragraphs 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6, the product may contain any of the following—

(a)an authorised additional ingredient;

(b)an authorised additional substance;

(c)restored flavour, pulp and cells (or any one or more of them) obtained by suitable physical means from the same species of fruit; and

(d)sweeteners (which may be added in addition to any sugar or honey added in accordance with paragraph 1 as read with paragraph 3).

8.  No treatment, except for an authorised treatment, may be used in the manufacture of a product.