Regulation 2(1)

SCHEDULE 2Specification for fruit juice

1.  Fruit juice is the fermentable but unfermented product obtained from the edible part of fruit which is sound, ripe and fresh or preserved by chilling or freezing of one or more kinds mixed together having the characteristic colour, flavour and taste typical of the juice of the fruit from which it comes.

2.  As well as the product mentioned in paragraph 1, and without prejudice to entries numbers 4 and 7 of Schedule 11, the fruit juice may contain any of the following—

(a)an authorised additional ingredient;

(b)an authorised additional substance;

(c)restored flavour, pulp and cells (or any one or more of them) obtained by suitable physical means from the same species of fruit;

(d)in the case of grape juice, restored salts of tartaric acids; and

(e)in the case of tomato juice, salt, spices and aromatic herbs.

3.  In the case of citrus fruits, except for lime, the fruit juice must come from the endocarp.

4.  In the case of lime juice, the fruit juices must come from the endocarp or the whole fruit.

5.  Where a juice is processed from a fruit with pips, seeds and peel, parts or components of pips, seeds and peel must not be incorporated in the juice.

6.  Paragraph 5 does not apply in a case where parts or components of pips, seeds and peel cannot be removed by good manufacturing practices.

7.  Fruit juice may be mixed with fruit purée in the production of the fruit juice.

8.  No treatment, except for an authorised treatment, may be used in the manufacture of a fruit juice.

9.  The Brix level of the product must be the Brix level of the juice as extracted from the fruit and must not be modified, except by blending with the juice of the same species of fruit.