Manner of marking or labelling

15.—(1) Regulations 35(1), 36(1) and (5) and 38 of the Food Labelling Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1996(1) (which relate to the manner of marking or labelling of food) apply to the particulars with which a regulated product is required to be marked or labelled by the provisions of these Regulations listed in paragraph (2).

(2) The provisions are—

(a)regulation 10(1);

(b)regulation 11(1);

(c)regulation 12(1);

(d)regulation 13; and

(e)regulation 14(1), as read with regulation 14(2), (4), (5) and (8).


S.R. 1996 No.383, as amended by S.R. 1999 No.143, S.R. 2000 No.189, S.R. 2000 No.303 and to which there are other amendments not relevant to these Regulations