PART 3Extraction solvents

Controls on extraction solvents

9.  In this Part any reference to a numbered Article or Annex is a reference to that Article of or Annex to Directive 2009/32.

10.  The provisions of this Part do not apply to any extraction solvent —

(a)used in the production of any food additives, vitamins or any other nutritional additives, unless such food additives, vitamins or other nutritional additives are listed in Annex I; or

(b)intended for export outside the European Union.

11.  In this Part “permitted extraction solvent” means —

(a)an extraction solvent that —

(i)is listed in Annex I,

(ii)is used in accordance with the conditions of use and within any maximum residue limits specified in that Annex,

(iii)does not contain a toxicologically dangerous amount of any element or substance,

(iv)subject to any exceptions deriving from specific purity criteria, does not contain more than 1 mg/kg of arsenic or more than 1 mg/kg lead, and

(v)meets the requirements of Article 3(c) as regards purity criteria; or

(b)water to which substances regulating acidity or alkalinity may have been added; or

(c)food substances which possess solvent properties.

12.  A person must not use as an extraction solvent in the production of food any extraction solvent that is not a permitted extraction solvent.

13.—(1) A person must not place on the market —

(a)an extraction solvent that is not a permitted extraction solvent, or

(b)any food having in it or on it an added extraction solvent that is not a permitted extraction solvent.

(2) A person must not place on the market an extraction solvent that does not meet the requirements of regulation 14.

14.—(1) Subject to paragraph (2), the following information must appear on the packaging, container or label —

(a)the commercial name as indicted in Annex I;

(b)a clear indication that the material is of a quality suitable for use for the extraction of food or food ingredients;

(c)a reference by which the batch or lot may be identified;

(d)the name or business name and address of the manufacturer or packer or of a seller established in the territory of the EU;

(e)the net quantity given as units of volume; and

(f)if necessary, the special storage conditions or conditions of use.

(2) The particulars specified in paragraph 1(c), (d), (e) and (f) may alternatively appear on the trade documents relating to the batch or lot which are to be supplied with, or prior to, the delivery.

(3) The information specified in paragraph (1) must be easily visible, clearly legible and indelible.

(4) The information specified in paragraph (1) may be provided in more than one language, but at least one of those languages must be easily understood by the purchaser unless other measures have been taken to ensure that the purchaser is informed of the specified information.