Regulation 7



1.  This Schedule applies in relation to every activity falling within section 3.2 of Part 1 of Schedule 1.


2.—(1) In this Schedule, “the Asbestos Directive” means Directive 87/217/EEC of 19 March 1987 on the prevention and reduction of environmental pollution by asbestos(1).

(2) When interpreting the Asbestos Directive for the purposes of this Schedule—

(a)the competent authority is the chief inspector;

(b)“waste” has the meaning given in the Asbestos Directive; and

(c)in Article 6(1) of that Directive, “regular intervals” means, for the purposes of an installation to which Article 4 applies, intervals of not more than 6 months.

Exercise of chief inspector’s functions

3.  The chief inspector must exercise his functions under regulation 7 so as to ensure compliance with the following provisions of the Asbestos Directive—

(a)Article 3;

(b)Article 4(1);

(c)Article 5;

(d)Article 6(1) and (2); and

(e)Article 8.


O.J. L 085, 28.03.1987 p. 0040 – 0045 as amended by Council Directive 91/692/EEC and Council Regulation 807/2003/EC Back [1]