Regulation 36

SCHEDULE 5Meetings and proceedings of the Case Management Review Panel


1.  The first meeting of the Case Management Review Panel shall be held on such day and at such place as may be fixed by the Chair, and he shall be responsible for convening the meeting.

2.  The Case Management Review Panel shall meet at least four times each year.

3.—(1) The Chair may call a meeting of the Case Management Review Panel at any time.

(2) If a requisition for a meeting, signed by at least three quarters of the members (rounded up to a whole number) is presented to the Chair, the Chair must within 14 days after the requisition has been presented to him, call a meeting unless the reason for not calling the meeting has been approved by the Safeguarding Board.

(3) At any meeting of the Case Management Review Panel the Chair shall preside.

Notice of meeting

4.—(1) Before each meeting of the Case Management Review Panel, a notice of the meeting which—

(a)specifies the business proposed to be transacted at it; and

(b)is signed by the Chair or by a person authorised by the Chair to sign it on his behalf,

shall be served on each member at least seven clear days before the day of the meeting.

(2) The proceedings of any meeting shall not be invalidated by a failure to serve notice to any member.


5.  Every decision at a meeting shall be determined by a majority of the votes of the members present and voting on the question and, in the case of an equality of votes, the Chair shall have a second and casting vote.

6.  The names of members present at a meeting shall be recorded.


7.—(1) No business shall be transacted at a meeting unless at least two thirds (rounded up to a whole number) of the members including the Chair are present.

(2) If a meeting is not quorate the Chair shall convene a further meeting within a period of one month from and including the date on which the meeting was scheduled to have taken place.

Declaration of interest

8.—(1) If the Chair or a member of the Case Management Review Panel has an interest in any matter to be considered at a meeting or is associated with a person who has such an interest he shall declare it accordingly at the meeting and as soon as practicable after its commencement.

(2) The Chair or any member who has, pursuant to sub-paragraph (1), declared an interest shall not take part in the consideration and discussion of the matter or be present at the consideration or discussion of that matter or the voting on it.


9.  The minutes of the proceedings of a meeting shall be drawn up and submitted for agreement at the next ensuing meeting where they shall be signed by the Chair.