Welfare of Farmed Animals Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2012


35.  Piglets shall, where necessary, be provided with a source of heat and a solid, dry and comfortable lying area away from the sow where all of them can rest at the same time.

36.  A part of the total floor where the piglets are kept and which is large enough to allow the animals to rest together at the same time shall be solid or covered with a mat or be littered with straw or any other suitable material.

37.  Where a farrowing crate is used the piglets shall have sufficient space to be able to suckle without difficulty.

38.  Subject to paragraph 39 piglets shall not be weaned from the sow at an age of less than 28 days unless the welfare or health of the sow or piglets would otherwise be adversely affected.

39.  Piglets may be weaned up to 7 days earlier than the age referred to in paragraph 38 if they are moved into specialised housings which is—

(a)emptied and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before the introduction of a new group; and

(b)separate from housing where other sows are kept.