Request for a review

21.—(1) Where a disposal is made under regulation 18 the member concerned shall be entitled to request the Chief Constable to review the finding or the disposal made or both.

(2) A request for a review must be made to the Chief Constable in writing within 14 days of the receipt of the written summary of reasons given in accordance with regulation 17, or within such longer period as the Chief Constable may, in his discretion, allow, having regard to the circumstances of the case.

(3) The request for a review shall state the grounds on which the review is requested and whether a meeting is requested.

Conduct of the review

22.—(1) The Chief Constable shall hold a meeting with the member concerned if requested to do so.

(2) Where a meeting is held the member concerned may be accompanied by a member selected by him or, if he was legally represented at the hearing, by counsel or a solicitor.

Finding of the review

23.—(1) The member concerned shall be informed of the finding of the Chief Constable in writing within three working days of the completion of the review.

(2) The Chief Constable may confirm the decision of the hearing or he may make a different disposal but he may not make a disposal greater than that imposed at the hearing.

(3) The decision of the Chief Constable shall take effect by way of substitution for the decision of the hearing and as from the date of that hearing.

(4) Where, as a result of the review decision, the member concerned is dismissed, required to resign or reduced in rank he shall have a right to appeal that decision to a police appeals tribunal.

Hearing of review in the absence of the Chief Constable

24.  Where the Chief Constable is an interested party, or the circumstances in section 34(1) of the 2000 Act apply, the review shall be conducted by a senior officer who is not an interested party.