The Smoke Control Areas (Authorised Fuels) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2008

45.  Unicite, manufactured by D.J. Davies Fuels Ltd at Blaenau Fuel Depot, Ammanford, Carmarthenshire, or manufactured by A.I.Simson at Cabby Latch, Logie by Kirriemuir, Angus, which—

(a)is a mixture of the following separate fuels—

(i)anthracite large nuts, and

(ii)Union briquettes of the description in sub-paragraph (d) manufactured by RWE Power A.G. at Cologne, Germany (as to no more than approximately 40 to 42% of Unicite’s total weight);

(b)has an overall sulphur content not exceeding 0.5% of the total weight;

(c)is declared to be an authorised fuel only in so far as the proportion of Union briquettes combusted in the use of Unicite does not exceed the percentage range specified in sub-paragraph (a)(ii); and

(d)in so far as it is constituted by the Union briquettes referred to in sub-paragraph (a)(ii), must consist of compressed lignite with each briquette measuring approximately 75 millimetres wide, 60 millimetres high and 55 millimetres thick.