PART VIIIProvision of Information and Functions of the Authority

Functions of the Authority

29.  In addition to the functions assigned to it elsewhere in this   Order, the Authority shall have the following specific functions—

(a)keeping, maintaining and making available to the public a list of generating stations granted preliminary accreditation and accreditation in accordance with Article 30, together with any applicable conditions attached to the preliminary accreditation or accreditation;

(b)keeping and maintaining a list of NIROCs which have been revoked and making such list available to the public;

(c)calculating and publishing before the start of each obligation period (with the exception of the first obligation period to which this Order relates) the amount of the payment per megawatt hour of electricity referred to in Article 10 resulting from the adjustments made to reflect changes in the retail prices index;

(d)publishing from time to time the total NIROC claim;

(e)by 1st April each year (with the exception of 1st April 2007 and 1 April 2008) publishing an annual report in relation to the obligation period ending on the 31st March in the previous calendar year, such report to include details (or, in the case of sub-paragraph (v), a summary) of—

(i)the compliance of each designated electricity supplier with his renewables obligation, including the extent to which that obligation has been met by the production of NIROCs pursuant to Article 3 or 12, payments made under Article 10 or the production of eligible GBROCs pursuant to Article 11 or treated as met by payments made under Article 26;

(ii)the sums received by each United Kingdom supplier under Articles 25 and 26;

(iii)the number of NIROCs issued by the Authority in accordance with Articles 14, 15 and 23, the number of NIROCs accepted by it as evidence under Article 3(1), the number of GBROCs accepted by it under Article 11, the number of NIROCs accepted by it under Article 12, and the number of NIROCs issued but not yet deleted in respect of the obligation period;

(iv)the number of NIROCs respect by the Authority in accordance with Articles 14, 15 and 23, broken down into different descriptions of generating stations (as referred to in paragraph 2 of Schedule 3);

(v)the outcome of any enquiries or investigations conducted by the Authority pursuant to paragraph (f); and

(vi)any other matters which the Authority considers relevant to the implementation of this Order;

(f)monitoring implementation of the renewables obligation and compliance with this Order by designated electricity suppliers and operators of generating stations (including compliance by operators of generating stations with any conditions attached to their accreditation) and such monitoring may include conducting enquiries or investigations into—

(i)the quantities of electricity generated from eligible renewable sources by accredited generating stations;

(ii)the quantities of such electricity supplied to customers in Northern Ireland;

(iii)the transfer and holding of NIROCs (including the transfer and holding of NIROCs issued to agents by virtue of Article 15);

(iv)the effect of such matters on the making and allocation of payments under Articles 10, 25 and 26; and

(v)the effect of the renewables obligation on designated electricity suppliers and the operators of generating stations;

(g)publishing at its discretion reports of enquiries or investigations conducted by the Authority pursuant to paragraph (f); and

(h)the provision of such information to the Great Britain Authority as the Authority considers may be relevant to the exercise of the Great Britain Authority’s functions under any GBRO Order.