Organisation of Events

19.—(1) Bye-law 12 (2) shall not apply to vessels or to motorised skimmers taking part in an event approved by the Department.

(2) The organiser of any event in respect of which the approval of the Department is sought shall—

(a)ensure that third party liability insurance is arranged for the event in a sum adequate for the event but not less than one million pounds sterling, and

(b)indemnify the Department against all liabilities arising from the event including death, personal injury, loss of or damage to property and necessary withdrawal of permission from the Department for use of the river for the event, and

(c)submit to the Department, not less than 72 hours prior to the commencement of the event, proof of such insurance, and

(d)complete and lodge with the Department not less than eight weeks prior to the proposed date of the event an application form in the form set out in the Schedule.

(3) The Department may in the interests of safety require modifications in the timing or location of any event in respect of which its approval is sought.

(4) In this Bye-law where a club, school or organisation intends to hold an event, “the organiser” means the secretary or administrative officer of such a club, school or organisation.

(5) The Department shall inform the general public and river users about any event to be held on the river which requires part of the river to be closed for a period of time to accommodate the event, by placing a notice in the press or by letter at the expense of the organiser.

(6) On the occasion of any event, no master shall permit any vessel to pass or be stationed thereon so as to obstruct, impede or otherwise interfere with the event or to endanger the safety of persons assembling at or on the river or to prevent or interfere with the maintenance of order.

(7) No ropes or marker buoys shall be placed or left in any part of the river outside the period of time approved by the Department for an event to be held.