The Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2006

  1. Introductory Text

  2. 1.Citation and commencement

  3. 2.Interpretation

  4. 3.Discrimination and harassment on grounds of sexual orientation

  5. 4.Discrimination by way of victimisation

  6. 5.Goods, facilities or services

  7. 6.Disposal or management of premises

  8. 7.Exception from regulations 5 (1) and 6: small dwellings

  9. 8.Further exceptions from regulations 5 and 6

  10. 9.Bodies in charge of education establishments

  11. 10.Other discrimination or harassment by education and library boards

  12. 11.General duty in public sector of education

  13. 12.Public authorities

  14. 13.Exceptions or further exceptions from regulation 12 for judicial and legislative acts etc.

  15. 14.Further actions to which regulation 12 does not apply

  16. 15.Exceptions from regulation 12 for decisions not to prosecute etc

  17. 16.Organisations relating to religion or belief

  18. 17.Discrimination: associations and private members clubs

  19. 18.Relationships which have come to an end

  20. 19.Discriminatory practice

  21. 20.Discriminatory advertisements

  22. 21.Instructions to commit unlawful acts

  23. 22.Pressure to commit unlawful acts

  24. 23.Liability of employers and principals

  25. 24.Aiding unlawful acts

  26. 25.Validity and revision of contracts

  27. 26.Charities

  28. 27.General duty of the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland

  29. 28.Research, education and assistance to organisations

  30. 29.Codes of practice

  31. 30.Power to conduct formal investigations

  32. 31.Terms of reference

  33. 32.Power to obtain information

  34. 33.Recommendations and reports on formal investigations

  35. 34.Restriction on disclosure of information

  36. 35.Restriction of proceedings for breach of Regulations

  37. 36.Claims under regulations 5 to 17

  38. 37.Issue of a non-discrimination notice

  39. 38.Appeal against non-discrimination notice

  40. 39.Investigation as to compliance with a non-discrimination notice

  41. 40.Register of non-discrimination notices

  42. 41.Persistent discrimination

  43. 42.Help for persons in obtaining information etc.

  44. 43.Enforcement of regulations 19 to 22

  45. 44.Undertakings by persons contravening these Regulations

  46. 45.Assistance by the Commission

  47. 46.Period within which proceedings to be brought

  48. 47.Evidence

  49. 48.Indirect access to benefits etc.

  50. 49.Acts done under statutory authority etc.

  51. 50.Acts safeguarding national security etc.

  52. 51.Effect of certificates by Secretary of State

  53. 52.Burden of proof: county court

  54. 53.Application to Crown etc.

  55. 54.Extent

  56. Signature



  57. Explanatory Note