Countryside Management Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2005

1.  The applicant shall –

(a)comply with the Good Farming Practice with regard to the Environment(1), published by the Department;

(b)retain and not damage any habitat, landscape or water feature, or archaeological or heritage feature;

(c)retain existing field boundaries and not remove any hedge, tree, copse, scrub, ditch, dyke or wall or any part thereof, except with the prior written permission of the Department;

(d)maintain open drains and sheughs in accordance with the written advice of the Department;

(e)keep the eligible land free from rubbish and litter;

(f)seek the permission of the Department before undertaking work which may have a detrimental impact on any habitat, landscape feature or archaeological or heritage feature; and

(g)comply with management plans provided by the Department for field boundaries, farm waste and each of the habitats specified in the agreement.


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