Citation and commencement

1.—(1) This Order may be cited as the Brucellosis Control Order (Northern Ireland) 2004.

(2) This Order shall come into operation for all purposes other than Article 5 on 1st October 2004.

(3) For the purposes of Article 5 this Order shall come into operation on 1st December 2004.


2.  In this Order –

“abortion” means any bovine foetus or calf born dead or which dies within 24 hours of birth;

“affected” in relation to any animal means affected with disease and includes a reactor;

“animal” means a bovine animal;

“approved disinfectant” means a disinfectant for the time being approved by the Department under the Diseases of Animals (Approval of Disinfectants) Order (Northern Ireland) 1972(1);

“carcase” means the carcase of an animal;

“the Directive” means Council Directive 64/432/EEC on animal health problems affecting intra-Community trade in bovine animals and swine(2);

“disease” means brucellosis;

“Divisional Veterinary Office” means a Divisional Veterinary Office of the Department;

“herd” means –


an animal kept, or


a group of animals kept, managed or housed together,

on a holding in such manner and under such conditions as will in the opinion of a veterinary inspector minimise the possibility of infection to any other animals whether kept on the same holding or another holding;

“holding” means any establishment, construction or, in the case of an open-air farm, place in which animals are held, kept or handled and includes land with or without buildings;

“keeper” means any natural or legal person responsible for animals whether on a permanent or temporary basis including during transportation or at a market and “herd keeper” shall be construed accordingly;

“livestock” means any creature kept for the production of food, wool, skin or fur or (excluding a dog) for use in the farming of land;

“market” means a market place, sale yard or other premises or place in or upon which animals are exhibited for the purpose of public sale;

“official test” has the meaning assigned to it by paragraph 1(2) of the Scheme;

“pedigree” means a pedigree animal registered in the herd book of the appropriate Breed Society;

“reactor” means an animal which has undergone an official test the result of which shall give the Department reason to believe that the animal is probably affected;

“the Scheme” means the Brucellosis (Examination and Testing) Scheme Order (Northern Ireland) 2004(3);

“steer” means a male animal which has been castrated;

“suspected” in relation to any animal means an animal suspected of being affected.


O.J. No. L121, 29.7.64, p. 1977, as last amended by Council Regulation (EC) No. 21/2004 (O.J. No. L005, 19.1.2004, p. 0008)