PART IIfresh meat of bovine, ovine and caprine animals and swine

A. General Provisions

1.  Council Directive 64/433/EEC on health problems affecting intra-Community trade in fresh meat (O.J. No. 121, 29.7.64, (O.J./S.E. 1963-64, p. 185)) as amended and updated by Council Directive 91/497/EC (O.J. No. L268, 24.9.91, p. 69) and last amended by Council Directive 95/23/EC (O.J. No. L243, 11.10.95, p. 7).

2.  Council Directive 72/462/EEC on health and veterinary inspection problems upon importation of bovine, ovine and caprine animals and swine, fresh meat and meat products from third countries (O.J. No. L302, 31.12.72, p. 28) as last amended by Council Regulation (EC) No. 1452/2001 (O.J. No. L198, 21.7.2001, p. 11).

3.  Council Directive 77/96/EEC on the examination for trichinae (trichinella spiralis) upon importation from third countries of fresh meat from domestic swine (O.J. No. L26, 31.1.77, p. 67), as last amended by Council Directive 94/59/EC (O.J. No. L315, 8.12.94, p. 18).

B. Third countries from which fresh meat may be imported

Council Decision 79/542/EEC drawing up a list of third countries from which the Member States authorize imports of bovine animals, swine, equidae, sheep and goats, fresh meat and meat products (O.J. No. L146, 14.6.79, p. 15) as last amended by Commission Decision 2001/731/EC (O.J. No. L274, 17.10.2001, p. 22).

C. Third country establishments from which fresh meat may be imported

1.  Commission Decision 95/408/EC on conditions for drawing up, for an interim period, provisional lists of third country establishments from which Member States are authorized to import certain products of animal origin, fishery products or live bivalve molluscs (O.J. No. L243, 11.10.95, p. 17) as last amended by Commission Decision 2001/4/EC (O.J. No. L2, 5.1.2001, p. 21).


2.  Commission Decision 81/91/EEC (O.J. No. L58, 5.3.81, p. 39), as amended by Commission Decision 86/392/EEC (O.J. No. L228, 14.8.86, p. 44).


3.  Commission Decision 83/384/EEC (O.J. No. L222, 13.01.83, p. 36), as amended by Commission Decision 86/389/EEC (O.J. No. L228, 14.8.86, p. 34).


4.  Commission Decision 83/243/EEC (O.J. No. L129, 19.5.83, p. 70).


5.  Commission Decision 81/713/EEC of 28 July 1981 (O.J. No. L257, 10.9.81, p. 28), as last amended by Commission Decision 89/282/EEC (O.J. No. L110, 21.4.89, p. 54).


6.  Commission Decision 87/735/EEC (O.J. No. L311, 8.11.82, p. 16).


7.  Commission Decision 87/258/EEC (O.J. No. L121, 9.5.87, p. 50).


8.  Commission Decision 87/124/EEC (O.J. No. L51, 20.2.87, p. 41).


9.  Commission Decision 93/26/EEC (O.J. No. L16, 25.1.93, p. 24).

Czech Republic

10.  Commission Decision 93/546/EEC (O.J. No. L266, 27.10.93, p. 31).


11.  Commission Decision 85/539/EEC (O.J. No. L334, 12.12.85, p. 25).


12.  Commission Decision 82/733/EEC (O.J. No. L311, 8.11.82, p. 10) as amended by Commission Decision 86/245/EEC (O.J. No. L163, 19.6.86, p. 49).


13.  Commission Decision 84/24/EEC (O.J. No. L20, 25.1.84, p. 21).

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

14.  Commission Decision 95/45/EC (O.J. No. L51, 8.3.95, p. 13).


15.  Commission Decision 2001/827/EC (O.J. No. L308, 27.11.2001, p. 39).


16.  Commission Decision 90/165/EEC (O.J. No. L91, 6.4.90, p. 34).


17.  Commission Decision 87/548/EEC (O.J. No. L327, 18.11.87, p. 28).


18.  Commission Decision 87/424/EEC (O.J. No. L228, 15.8.87, p. 43).


19.  Commission Decision 86/65/EEC (O.J. No. L72, 15.3.86, p. 40).


20.  Commission Decision 90/432/EEC (O.J. No. L223, 18.8.90, p. 19).

New Zealand

21.  Commission Decision 83/402/EEC (O.J. No. L223, 24.8.83, p. 24), as amended by Commission Decision 86/432/EEC (O.J. No. L253, 5.9.86, p. 28).


22.  Commission Decision 83/423/EEC (O.J. No. L238, 27.8.83, p. 39).


23.  Commission Decision 84/28/EEC (O.J. No. L21, 26.1.84, p. 42) as amended by Commission Decision 86/252/EEC (O.J. No. L165, 21.6.86, p. 43).


24.  Commission Decision 83/218/EEC (O.J. No. L121, 7.5.83, p. 23) as amended by Commission Decision 86/289/EEC (O.J. No. L182, 5.7.86, p. 25).

Slovak Republic

25.  Commission Decision 93/547/EEC (O.J. No. L266, 27.10.93, p. 33).


26.  Commission Decision 93/27/EEC (O.J. No. L16, 25.1.93, p. 26).

South Africa

27.  Commission Decision 82/913/EEC (O.J. No. L381, 31.12.82, p. 28) as amended by Commission Decision 90/433/EEC (O.J. No. L223, 18.8.90, p. 21).


28.  Commission Decision 82/814/EEC (O.J. No. L343, 4.12.82, p. 24).


29.  Commission Decision 82/734/EEC (O.J. No. L311, 8.11.82, p. 13) as last amended by Commission Decision 92/2/EEC (O.J. No. L1, 4.1.92, p. 22).

United States of America

30.  Commission Decision 87/257/EEC (O.J. No. L121, 9.5.87, p. 46) as amended by Commission Decision 2000/138/EC (O.J. No. L46, 18.2.00, p. 36).


31.  Commission Decision 81/92/EEC (O.J. No. L58, 5.3.81, p. 43) as amended by Commission Decision 86/485/EEC (O.J. No. L282, 3.10.86, p. 31).

Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

32.  Commission Decision 98/8/EEC (O.J. No. L2, 6.1.98, p. 12).


33.  Commission Decision 85/473/EEC (O.J. No. L278, 18.10.85, p. 35).

D. Health certification requirements

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Paraguay and Uruguay

1.  Commission Decision 93/402/EEC (O.J. No. L179, 22.7.93, p. 11) as last amended by Commission Decision 2002/198/EC (O.J. No. L66, 8.3.2002, p. 21).


2.  Commission Decision 80/801/EEC (O.J. No. L234, 5.9.80, p. 41) as amended by Commission Decision 81/662/EEC (O.J. No. L237, 22.8.81, p. 33).


3.  Commission Decision 84/292/EEC (O.J. No. L144, 30.5.84, p. 10).

Botswana, Madagascar, Morocco, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe

4.  Commission Decision 1999/283/EC (O.J. No. L110, 28.4.99, p. 16) as last amended by Commission Decision 2002/219/EC (O.J. No. L72, 14.3.02, p. 27).

Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia and Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

5.  Commission Decision 98/371/EC (O.J. No. L170, 16.6.98, p. 16) as last amended by Commission Decision 2002/7/EC (O.J. No. L3, 5.1.2002, p. 50).


6.  Commission Decision 80/804/EEC (O.J. No. L236, 9.9.80, p. 25) as amended by Commission Decision 98/91/EC (O.J. No. L18, 23.1.98, p. 27).

Costa Rica

7.  Commission Decision 81/887/EEC (O.J. No. L324, 12.11.81, p. 25).


8.  Commission Decision 86/72/EEC (O.J. No. L76, 21.3.86, p. 47).


9.  Commission Decision 86/463/EEC (O.J. No. L271, 23.9.86, p. 23).

The Falkland Islands

10.  Commission Decision 98/625/EC (O.J. No. L299, 10.11.98, p. 30).


11.  Commission Decision 86/117/EEC (O.J. No. L99, 15.4.86, p. 26).


12.  Commission Decision 82/414/EEC (O.J. No. L182, 26.6.82, p. 27).


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14.  Commission Decision 83/84/EEC (O.J. No. L56, 3.3.83, p. 26).


15.  Commission Decision 84/294/EEC (O.J. No. L144, 30.5.84, p. 17).


16.  Commission Decision 83/380/EEC (O.J. No. L222, 13.8.83, p. 27).

New Caledonia

17.  Commission Decision 2001/745/EC (O.J. No. L278, 23.10.01, p. 37).

New Zealand

18.  Commission Decision 80/805/EEC (O.J. No. L236, 9.9.80, p. 28) as amended by Commission Decision 81/662/EEC (O.J. No. L237, 22.8.81, p. 33).


19.  Commission Decision 86/63/EEC (O.J. No. L72, 15.3.86, p. 36).


20.  Commission Decision 81/526/EEC (O.J. No. L196, 18.7.81, p. 19) as last amended by Commission Decision 94/667/EC (O.J. No. L260, 8.10.94, p. 32).


21.  Commission Decision 90/445/EEC (O.J. No. L228, 22.8.90, p. 28).

United States of America

22.  Commission Decision 82/426/EEC (O.J. No. L186, 30.6.82, p. 54) as amended by Commission Decision 85/164/EEC (O.J. No. L63, 2.3.85, p. 26).

E. Third countries/Regions from which fresh imports of meat are prohibited


1.  Commission Decision 89/197/EEC (O.J. No. L73, 17.3.89, p. 53).


2.  Commission Decision 92/280/EC (O.J. No. L144, 26.5.92, p. 21).