1.—(1) The requirements of the student referred to in regulation 11(1)(a) shall include his requirement for ordinary maintenance during –

(a)any period while he is attending the course; and

(b)the Christmas and Easter vacations;

and the amount of such requirement (“ordinary maintenance requirement”) shall be determined in accordance with this Part.

(2) Where a student’s ordinary maintenance requirements are different in respect of different parts of a year, his ordinary maintenance requirement for that year shall be the aggregate of the proportionate parts of those differing requirements.

2.—(1) This paragraph shall apply in the case of –

(a)any student who does not reside at his parents' home; and

(b)any student residing at his parents' home whose parents by reason of age, incapacity or otherwise cannot reasonably be expected to support him and in respect of whom the board is satisfied that in all the circumstances the ordinary maintenance requirements specified herein would be appropriate.

(2) In the case of such a student the ordinary maintenance requirement shall be £1,990 except that –

(a)if he attends a course at the University of London or at an institution within the area comprising the City of London and the Metropolitan Police District, it shall be £2,450; and

(b)if he attends, for a period of at least eight weeks and as part of his course, an overseas institution, it shall be –

3.  In the case of any other student the ordinary maintenance requirement shall be £1,625.