Article 4(3) and (4)

SCHEDULE 5Additional matters in respect of which the Department may make payments subject to an overall maximum

Column IColumn 2
MatterMaximum Payment Rate

1.  Field boundaries—

(a)restoration of drystone wall—

(i)double skinned

£9·47 per square metre run

(ii)single skinned;

£6·31 per square metre run

(b)hedge restoration—


£2·55 per metre


£0·93 per metre


£3·05 per metre

(c)reinstating sod banks.

£2·48 per metre

2.  Stiles—

(a)erection of 3 step stone stile;

£16·83 per stile

(b)erection of a free standing timber ladder.

£34·80 per metre

3.  Tree planting/management—

(a)tree/shrub planting;

£0·56 per plant

(b)installation of tree guard and stake;

£0·71 per tree guard and stake

(c)installation of spiral rabbit guard;

£0·18 per guard

(d)planting standard parkland trees;

£12·08 per tree

(e)tree surgery;

60% of cost approved by the Department


60% of cost approved by the Department

4.  Orchards—

restorative pruning.60% of cost approved by the Department

5.  Items to enhance wildlife value—

(a)installation of nest boxes;

£4·20 per box (Small)

£6·00 per box (Large)

(b)installation of bat boxes;

£4·20 per box

(c)installation of red squirrel feeders.

£42·00 per feeder

6.  Structures/work to raise water levels.

60% of cost approved by the Department

7.  Creation of scrapes.

£1·25 per square metre surface area (to maximum of 100m2)

8.  Restoration of farm ponds.

60% of cost approved by Department

9.  Provision of alternative watering sites—

(a)installation of trough;

£30·00 per trough

(b)installation of up to 150 metres of pipeline;

£0·92 per metre

(c)installation of over 150 metres of pipeline.

£0·80 per metre

10.  Restoration of traditional and heritage features—

(a)restoration of traditional farm buildings;

60% of cost approved by the Department

(b)restoration of features of historic interest;

60% of cost approved by the Department

(c)restoration of traditional gates;

£21·00 per metre (wooden)

£45·00 per metre (metal)

£24·00 per metre (composite)

(d)restoration of traditional pillars and posts—

  • rebuilding pillar;

£90·00 per pillar
  • rebuilding pillar cap;

£18·00 per pillar cap
  • repointing pillar cap;

£34·00 per pillar
  • replastering pillar cap;

£18·00 per pillar
  • provision of wooden post;

£13·20 per post
  • provision of stone post.

£60·00 per post

11.  Erection of protective fencing—

(a)3 line strained wire;

£1·06 per metre

(b)additional line wire;

£0·08 per metre

(c)woven wire;

£1·16 per metre

(d)woven wire (heavy pattern);

£1·61 per metre

(e)proofing against rabbits and hares;

£0·88 per metre

(f)timber stiles—

(i)single step;

£11·27 per stile

(ii)double step;

£17·34 per stile

(iii)vertical stile;

£28·94 per stile

(g)protection for planting parkland trees.

£46·30 (1.8 m square) per guard

£75·38 (3.6 m triangular) per guard

£91·98 (3.6 m square) per guard