Determination of costs by the Taxing Master

6.—(1) Where the amount of costs is to be determined by the Taxing Master, the receiving party shall, within three months from the date on which the order was made, file his claim and a copy of the order in the Supreme Court Taxing Office and serve a copy of the claim on the Lord Chancellor.

(2) On the application of the receiving party to the Supreme Court Taxing Office, the Taxing Master may, in exceptional circumstances, extend the period of three months referred to in paragraph (1).

(3) A claim shall—

(a)summarise the items of work done by a legal representative or the receiving party as a litigant in person, as appropriate;

(b)state, where appropriate, the dates on which items of work were done, the time taken and the sums claimed; and

(c)specify any disbursements claimed, including counsel’s fees, the circumstances in which they were incurred and the amounts claimed in respect of them,

and shall be accompanied by receipts or other evidence of the receiving party’s payment of the costs claimed, and any receipts or other documents in support of any disbursements claimed.

(4) If the receiving party wishes to draw any special circumstances to the attention of the Taxing Master, he shall specify those circumstances in his claim.

(5) If the Lord Chancellor wishes to make any written representations in respect of the claim he shall, within one month from the date on which the Lord Chancellor received the claim from the receiving party, file any written representations in the Supreme Court Taxing Office and serve a copy of them on the receiving party.

(6) The Taxing Master may make directions in respect of—

(a)the claim;

(b)any written representations;

(c)the filing and serving of any further particulars or documents; and

(d)ensuring that the determination of costs is dealt with justly.

(7) Where the Taxing Master considers it appropriate, the claim shall be listed for a hearing before him, and the Supreme Court Taxing Office shall serve on the receiving party and on the Lord Chancellor notification of the place, date and time of the hearing.