Regulations 14(3) and 25

SCHEDULE 6Information to be supplied to the public

(This Schedule sets out the provisions of Annex V to the Directive.)

The information referred to in regulation 14(3) is as follows—

1.  name of operator and address of the establishment;

2.  identification, by position held, of the person giving the information;

3.  confirmation that the establishment is subject to these Regulations and that the notification referred to in regulation 6 or the safety report has been submitted to the competent authority;

4.  an explanation in simple terms of the activity or activities undertaken at the establishment;

5.  the common names or, in the case of dangerous substances covered by Part III of Schedule 1, the generic names or the general danger classification of the substances and preparations involved at the establishment which could give rise to a major accident, with an indication of their principal dangerous characteristics;

6.  general information relating to the nature of the major accident hazards, including their potential effects on the population and the environment;

7.  adequate information on how the population concerned will be warned and kept informed in the event of a major accident;

8.  adequate information on the actions the population concerned should take, and on the behaviour they should adopt, in the event of a major accident;

9.  confirmation that the operator is required to make adequate arrangements on site, in particular liaison with the emergency services, to deal with major accidents and to minimise their effects;

10.  a reference to the off-site emergency plan for the establishment. This should include advice to co-operate with any instructions or requests from the emergency services at the time of an accident;

11.  details of where further relevant information can be obtained, unless making that information available would be contrary to the interests of national security or personal confidentiality or would prejudice to an unreasonable degree the commercial interests of any person.