Part IVEmergency Plans

On-site emergency plan

9.—(1) Every operator of an establishment shall prepare an emergency plan (in these Regulations referred to as an “on-site emergency plan”) which shall be adequate for securing the objectives specified in Part I of Schedule 5 and shall contain the information specified in Part II of that Schedule.

(2) The on-site emergency plan shall be prepared—

(a)in the case of an existing establishment where the industrial activity carried on there was, immediately before the coming into operation of these Regulations, subject to the requirements of regulation 10 of the 1985 Regulations, by 3rd February 2001;

(b)in the case of any other existing establishment, by 3rd February 2002;

(c)in any other case, before the establishment starts to operate.

(3) The operator shall consult—

(a)persons employed in the establishment;

(b)the Department of the Environment;

(c)the emergency services; and

(d)the Health and Social Services Board for the area where the establishment is situated,

on the preparation of the on-site emergency plan.

(4) The operator shall consult the Executive on the preparation of an on-site emergency plan, except this shall not apply where the Executive has been exempted from the requirement to arrange for the preparation of an off-site emergency plan in respect of the establishment pursuant to regulation 10(7).