Part VProvision of Information by Operator

Provision of information to other establishments

16.—(1) The competent authority shall, using the information received from operators in notifications sent pursuant to regulation 6 and in safety reports, designate groups of establishments where the likelihood or consequences of a major accident may be increased because of the location and proximity of establishments in the group and the dangerous substances present there.

(2) The competent authority shall notify each operator of an establishment in a group designated pursuant to paragraph (1) of the names and addresses of other establishments within the same group.

(3) The operator of any establishment in a group designated pursuant to paragraph (1) shall—

(a)pass appropriate information about the establishment to other establishments in the group to enable them to take account of the nature and extent of the overall hazard of a major accident in their major accident prevention policy documents, safety reports and on-site emergency plans; and

(b)co-operate with those other establishments to enable them to carry out any obligations they have under regulations 10(3) and (5) and 14(1).