Part VIIDuties of Employees and Miscellaneous

Duties of employees

34.—(1) An employee who is engaged in work with ionising radiation shall not knowingly expose himself or any other person to ionising radiation to an extent greater than is reasonably necessary for the purposes of his work, and shall exercise reasonable care while carrying out such work.

(2) Every employee who is engaged in work with ionising radiation and for whom personal protective equipment is provided pursuant to regulation 8(2)(c) shall—

(a)make full and proper use of any such personal protective equipment;

(b)forthwith report to his employer any defect he discovers in any such personal protective equipment; and

(c)take all reasonable steps to ensure that any such personal protective equipment is returned after use to the accommodation provided for it.

(3) It shall be the duty of every outside worker not to misuse the radiation passbook issued to him or falsify or attempt to falsify any of the information contained in it.

(4) Any employee to whom regulation 21(1) or regulation 12(2)(b) relates shall comply with any reasonable requirement imposed on him by his employer for the purposes of making the measurements and assessments required under regulation 20(1) and regulation 23(1).

(5) An employee who is subject to medical surveillance under regulation 24 shall, when required by his employer and at the cost of the employer, present himself during his working hours for such medical examination and tests as may be required for the purposes of paragraph (2) of that regulation and shall provide the appointed doctor or employment medical adviser with such information concerning his health as the appointed doctor or employment medical adviser may reasonably require.

(6) Where an employee has reasonable cause to believe that—

(a)he or some other person has received an overexposure;

(b)an occurrence mentioned in paragraph (1) or (3) of regulation 30 has occurred; or

(c)an incident mentioned in regulation 32(6) has occurred,

he shall forthwith notify his employer of that belief.