Part IVDesignated Areas

Local rules and radiation protection supervisors

17.—(1) For the purposes of enabling work with ionising radiation to be carried on in accordance with the requirements of these Regulations, every radiation employer shall, in respect of any controlled area or, where appropriate having regard to the nature of the work carried out there, any supervised area, make and set down in writing such local rules as are appropriate to the radiation risk and the nature of the operations undertaken in that area.

(2) The radiation employer shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that any local rules made pursuant to paragraph (1) and which are relevant to the work being carried out are observed.

(3) The radiation employer shall ensure that such of those rules made pursuant to paragraph (1) as are relevant are brought to the attention of those employees and other persons who may be affected by them.

(4) The radiation employer shall—

(a)appoint one or more suitable radiation protection supervisors for the purpose of securing compliance with these Regulations in respect of work carried out in any area made subject to local rules pursuant to paragraph (1); and

(b)set down in the local rules the names of such individuals so appointed.